Migrate to Ireland

Type D visa

  • Type D visa Employment allows you to come to or stay in the Ireland to do an eligible job with an approved employer.
  • This employment visa initially granted for 2 years and can last up to 5 years
  • This visa is extendable and leading to Ireland Permanent Residency
  • Minimum wages would be €30,000 per annum or €60,000 with PR after 2 years
  • Should have a work permit that is General Employment Permit from the authority
  • No English Language requirement
  • Dependents are allowed to travel after 1 year.
  • PCC Mandatory
Which all professions we support?

All positions mentioned in Critical Skilled Occupation list.

  • Chef
  • Care Workers
  • Production Managers and Directors
  • ICT Professionals
  • Health and Social Services Managers and Directors
  • Natural and Social Science Professionals
  • Engineering Professionals
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications Professionals
  • Health Professionals (Registration mandatory if need)
  • Therapy Professionals (Registration mandatory if need)
  • Teaching and Educational Professionals
  • Business, Research and Administrative Professionals
  • Architects, Town Planners and Surveyors
  • Welfare Professionals
  • Quality and Regulatory Professionals
  • Media Professionals
  • Health Associate Professionals
  • Artistic, Literary and Media Occupations
  • Design Occupations
  • Sports and Fitness Occupations
  • Sales, Marketing and Related Associate Professionals